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Energreen Nutrition Australia Pty Ltd proposes to build a multi-oilseed crushing plant near Emerald in the Central Queensland region.

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About Central Queensland Oilseeds

Energreen Nutrition Australia Pty Ltd proposes to build a multi-oilseed crushing plant near Emerald in the Central Queensland region that will deliver an expansion of Energreen’s operational footprint.

This facility will produce edible oil feedstocks to meet the growing Asia-Pacific market and Bio-Dieselfeedstock to fuel the renewable energy revolution.

The multi-crush facility is designed to interface with Energreen’s long term plan to develop abusiness model to establish Pongamia Oil as the foremost biofuel feedstock in Queensland; and tobecome one of the largest suppliers of biofuel feedstock in Australia.This will involve the establishment of the first commercial scale Pongamia Pinata plantation in Australia by 2025.

About AOI

AOI is an Australian proprietary company that, directly and indirectly through its subsidiaries, is focused on the manufacture and sale of chemical free, non-GMO, sustainable edible oils and products derived from oilseeds.

AOI believes that transitioning from a fossil fuel economy to a renewable and chemical free economy is the solution to many health problems the world is facing presently.

To that end, AOI is committed to working with suppliers and customers to eliminate chemicals from the edible oil production and manufacturing systems to supply quality products such as non-GMO oilseeds and organic and non-organic food-grade oils to customers globally. Over thepast 20 years, AOI has grown to be the largest cold pressing oil plant in Australia, pressing strictly GMO free conventional and organic oilseeds.

Pongamia Pinata will be used to create oil products and feed the biofuel sector. Itis not an edible oil, but Pongamia Oil has several advantages which make it a preferable biodiesel feedstock:

  • Environmentally sustainable with a high carbon sequestration
  • Decreased environmental impact based on the nitrogen fixing nature of legume crop (which will enable soil improvement for future generations)
  • A biofuel source which won’t cause any negative impact on biodiversity, freshwater systems,food prices and availability
  • Generation of alternative income from carbon credits, honey production, co-cultivation crop,feed supply for beef industry, and nitrogen elimination for aquaculture ponds
  • Central Queensland is a favourable climatic condition for Pongamia Pinata
  • A well-researched and developed variety has been nurtured with a high oil yield.